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outside there are a million possibilities and opportunities. if you leave us we will show you all
espuymar consultoría estratégica para empresas

whether you are a self-employed, SME or a large company, there is always possibilities to improve and grow if you have a good strategic consultancy

ESPUYMAR – strategic consultancy 


If we don’t know what we want to be when we grow up, how we can prepare ourselves to be good professionals?

Defining what we want to get with or in our company is a challenge but it is also a need if we want to guarantee our future. 

But the objetive, what we want to be does not mark the way, the goal is market by the strategy, and in this  at Espuymar International Consulting Group we have mucha demostrable experience. 

espuymar análisis de mercado y estrategia empresarial

ESPUYMAR – our work process

Analysis is our rew material about your market and business. The result, we define a future strategy, a business life form  aimed to success.  


We explore the trajectory of your company, we extract the potencial it has, and we explore the market and the competition. And all that, together with variables such as innovation and development, we get to work to show you different viable and profitable business opportunities. 


With everything we have explored, we define and design a strategy that takes into account both the multiple variables of the internal and external environment of the company and we take it as a “whole” that leads us to know how we want to reach a business objetive.



The strategy translates into actions that will strategically lead us to he objetive we have set ourselves. From Espuymar we not only define the actions but we can manage to coordinate them internally in the company as well as to seek support and external collaborations that enhance the success of the defined actions. 


And if you do not know which way to follow, we will help you to find new business opportunities that will help you. We can stratecally help you diversificating your business objetives, looking for new markets and helping you with news busines opportunities generation.

Contact us and tell us what do you want for your companie

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